General Hardware Questions

Can the system detect break-ins via glass?

Currently it cannot. We are working to add a glass break sensor to our available devices. Our motion detector would be the best guard for glass breakage.

What kind of panel should I purchase for a sliding door?

You want a motion detector to cover the room with sliding door.  They are considered doors, but the large amount of glass makes it possible for someone to break in without actually opening the door.  If only one side of the sliding glass door moves, you could add an extra layer of protection by adding a door/window sensor on the side that slides.  If both sides slide, it is a little more complex.  Definitely get a motion detector. We would recommend adding the door/window sensor for extra protection.

General Installation Questions

I am 30 m away and my device doesn’t seem to be pairing. Why?

Houses are made up of different materials that can cause the range to be reduced. Ways around that would be to place a motion detector or another sensor between the device you are installing and the next closest device in the network to expand the mesh network and make it stronger.

How do I take the devices of the system down that were mounted with the adhesives?

Instead of pulling the device out, hold onto the device, still mounted and twist it 45 degrees to the right, almost like turning a door knob, and then pull it off.

How do I mount/install the devices of the system?

All the sensors have the option to be mounted with adhesive. The hub free-stands or hang on the wall. The motion detector can be mounted with adhesive, has eyelets to hang it, or it also stands on end on a shelf.

I just got an email saying my system was no longer connected to the internet, what do I do now?

If you are home, try turning the router off and on. If that does not work, your internet may have gone offline and once it is back, your device will reconnect to the internet. If you are not home, your system will notify you when it is back online.


What is the backup battery in the hub?

A lithium ion battery. This is not a user-serviceable part.

Can I get notifications when the batteries are low?


Does the system alert you when the batteries need to be replaced?


How easily can I access the batteries in the devices?

Except for the hub battery, the rest of the batteries are very easy to access. Every device has a faceplate with a finger pick slot that allows easy access to the batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries in all sensors will last more than a year, with average use. The hub backup battery will last at least 12 hours without power.

What kind of batteries does the system use?

The motion sensor and access sensor use AA batteries. The door/Window uses AA batteries. The hub is powered through a wall outlet charger, but has a backup, rechargeable lithium ion battery.

If I only have internet and not the cellular network, does the system stop working if the power cuts out and my internet turns off?

Without a cellular network, the alarm will still work as a local alarm and a siren will go off, but will not be able to send notifications.

How close do the two pieces of each door and access sensor have to be installed to work correctly?

The two pieces can be offset by 1.5 cm in any direction and still make a connection to work properly.

The Hub

Is the hub compatible with 240v?


The LED light on the hub was blue and the system was working. Now it’s green again and the system is not working. What does that mean?

More than likely, your router is the problem. If the internet continues to fail, then it will affect the system. We recommend testing your router’s internet connection. If it continues to fail, then you may need to troubleshoot your router connection first.

My hub beeps every time I lock a mode. Why is that?

The beeping noise signals that you have armed a mode.  This noise is counting down the delay timer that allows you to get out of the house before the system arms. You can remove the siren from your mode to stop the chirping during the delay countdown.

System Range / Network

How do the individual system devices communicate with each other?

The communication between the devices and the hub does not rely on WIFI or having power.  The hub does need a connection to the internet through the user’s router to communicate with our servers, or the customer needs to have cellular backup, in case the internet is out.  The devices communicate to the hub through a mesh network, which the devices form automatically.

Will a concrete block wall interfere with the connectivity?

Different construction materials will affect the range. Wood and drywall will be easier to get through than a concrete wall, but it will not stop all communications. Instead, it would reduce the range 25 m range is a safe bet between sensors.

How do I keep the devices in range?

Here are two ways that devices can stay in range:

1. The sensor in question is within 25 m of the hub.  This device will have a direct connection to the hub.
2. The sensor in question is within 25 m. of the last sensor in the network.  Since each sensor propagates the network, the furthest sensor in the network can be as far away from the hub as you want, as long as it is within 25 m of the last sensor etc

What is the range between the product devices?

It differs from WIFI in that the distance from the hub is not the limiting factor and as such, the chain of connected devices can effectively go on forever. Building materials can affect the range.  If you are concerned, you could be more conservative and estimate 30 m instead of 50 m.  Either way, it is unlikely that you would not meet one of the two range qualifiers above if you are building out a security system that covers all potential entry points.

Motion Detector

Will my pet trigger the motion sensor?

Not if the pet is below 8 kg

What is the range of the motion sensor?

The motion sensor has an 8-10 m range, depending on obstructions.  The field of view is 110 degrees.

Mobile App

Is there an Apple Smart Alarm app?

Yes. You can download it in the Apple Shop Store by searching Alarm Box or download from http://www.pgyer.com/Yiqk

I don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. How do I get to my Smart Alarm app on my mobile phone or tablet?

You can go to Google Play and download the Android Alarm Box app, which has the same functionality as the iOS app.

How many users can use the smart phone mobile application?

As many users as you want.


When do I get text message notifications?

Once you trigger your alarm in Away mode and have text message notifications setup, you will receive a text message notification.

How long do I get to exit on an Armed Mode?

You have 15 seconds or more (depending on settings) to exit the premises before the Away Mode is armed.

How do I edit a Mode?

Pressing and holding the bar for the Mode will allow you to make edits to the Mode, whichever Mode it is.

What are the Modes?

The Modes are the different levels of security that you can arm your system with. You choose what type of alerts, notifications and arming you want to set for each Mode. 

For your convenience, we provide you with some basic Modes when you are setting up your system but all Modes are editable and delectable as you prefer.

For example, the Home Mode would be armed if you were home, and the Away Mode would be armed if you were away from your home.

Arming & Disarming

How do I arm/disarm the system?

You have two options to control the system:

1. Mobile app: You can arm and disarm any of the modes of your system in the mode section of the mobile app.

2. Remote control: You can control any mode of your system, arm, disarm, home mode and SOS.

How is the system armed/disarmed?

The system is armed/disarmed/controlled from the user’s phone. The user can customize the modes to be whatever they want them to be. 

The system can also be manually armed and disarmed with a remote control.

Do I have to be connected to the internet for the alarm to be armed/disarmed?

Yes. It will technically operate as a local alarm but with no alerts being processed.


How long is the response time from when the alarm system is triggered to when we receive a notification on our mobile device?

The response time is a few seconds, depending on the phone’s network/WIFI connection.

Activity Log

What does the activity log store?

The activity log keeps record of any arming or disarming of the system from the mobile and what mode the system is put on or taken out of. Currently, the log records everything from when the account was created.

Does the system account for all the activity that happens?

Yes, an activity log is updated in the mobile app. You can access it at anytime.